About NTCG App

NTCG App is a functional one-stop mobile application to enable members and friends of NTCG to stay connected with all things NTCG related.

This is a Progressive Web Application (PWA) which means it works across all devices (Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry). No need to download, install etc. Simply go to ntcgapp.co.uk and you're good to go! 


What is a PWA?

PWA stands for Progressive Web Application. PWAs use the very latest cutting edge technology in the app industry unlike the native apps you are most likely using on your current devices. The easiest way to describe a PWA is that they are a hybrid of a mobile website and a native app however, instead of going to the App Store (or PlayStore) to find the app, download the app and install the app, you simply go to the web address and start using the app. Simplz! 

The other good news is that PWAs are extremely light on memory and they won't take up excessive space on your device. A PWA behaves very similar to a native application in both functionality and capability and avoids all the hassle of downloading, installing, updating and taking up precious memory on your device.  Instead you simply go the web address and start using the app - that's it!

Why should I "add to home screen" when prompted?

NTCGApp will prompt you to add the icon to the homescreen on your phone or tablet.  Clicking "add" or "yes" will add the NTCG App icon to your device with the bulk of the app content saved on the server side (not on your phone) to ensure  you can access the app quickly and easily. Unlike a native application the all-new NTCGApp will not take up valuable storage space on your device

Why should I "allow notifications" when prompted to do so by the app?

Allowing push notifications ensures that you will be informed of important, urgent or useful information quickly and timely.  iOS have not yet opened up their system to accept push notifications on PWAs so unfortunately iPhone users will have to wait until Apple make the necessary tweaks to their operating system

So what's new?

The new app contains blogs, podcasts, social media feeds, NTCG calendar events, photo gallery and a prayer request portal. Event itineraries will be added during national gatherings to ensure the event schedules are easily accessible and any changes can be reflected in realtime.

The new NTCG App is designed to allow for much more user-originated content. If you're interested in writing articles/blogs, podcasting or have relevant, engaging sermon recordings from your church that you want to share on the app please click here and submit your details - we will be only too happy to review the content for suitability, quality and relevance and include it in the app.

The developers, Mediabeep,  have permission to promote the app under the NTCG brand; however this is an unofficial application and all queries relating to this app, its content or technical use should be directed to the developers - send an email to ntcgapp@mediabeep.co.uk

Thank you